High Temperature Incineration

Medical waste is posing a growing problem worldwide, jeopardizing the health of staff, patients, disposal workers, and anyone else coming into contact with the often hazardous materials discarded by hospitals and other healthcare sites.  By utilising the latest in High Temperature Incineration technologies, we can prevent the spread of potentially fatal diseases such as Ebola, HIV, Cholera and COVID-19.  

We are working in partnership with manufacturers are the forefront of incineration technology, with a focus on "Made In Britain"

We can offer solutions from small mobile units for 10kg per hour right up to full installations capable of processing 10,000 tonnes per annum

We are actively working with Governments and NGO's throughout Africa, as well as Latin and South America to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in some of the worlds' most vulnerable communities.

The solutions we offer have been used in over 180 countries across the globe, including by the United Nations, UNICEF, the World Health Organisation and Médecins Sans Frontières